NIKE NIN China website

NIKE NIN China website
NIKE NIN China website
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Project background

NIKE is the leading company of sports industry in the world. NIKE NIN China website is a website to help NIKE's instructors and female users to exchange training information. The instructors may get the latest products and marketing events information from this website. They can also submit online forms to join marketing events. The instructors and the users may share training information on the website. The NIKE staffs may download application information.


  • Multiple roles for instructors
  • Flexible application forms
  • Download application information
  • Multi-media uploading
  • Muti-uploading


Regarding to the challenges, our standard website solution may support roles & policy, muti-media uploading, multi-uploading. Besides, we developed tailor-made solutions to support the application form, application downloading and other advanced features.

The flexible application forms are suitable for different kinds of event applications. The downloaded application information can be directly imported into Microsoft Office.


NIKE NIN China website is a sports industry case study of our web development, eZ Publish development, consulting services and standard, tailor-made web solutions.