CARANDDRIVER China website

CARANDDRIVER China website
CARANDDRIVER China website
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Project background

CARANDDRIVER is a world-famous car magazine. The CARANDDRIVRER China website is its online media in China.


  • A stable CMS platform to manage large volume of contents
  • An efficient CMS to support high content updating frequency
  • Flexible page layout
  • Integration of 3rd party applications, including forum, blog, community and etc.
  • High traffic
  • A powerful buyer's guide platform


Regarding to the challenges, our portal website solution may support large volume of contents, high updating frequency, flexible page layout and high traffic. Besides, we developed tailor-made solutions to support the buyer's guide, system integration and other advanced features.


CARANDDRIVER China website is a media industry case study of our web development, eZ Publish development, consulting services and portal, tailor-made web solutions.