Standard website, the best choice for small to medium enterprise website

Standard website

The standard website includes the most commonly used features that may fulfill the requirements of most enterprise users.

It includes the following features:


Publish contents from your web browser

eZ Publish admin interface

You can publish contents directly from your web browser through the CMS interface.


Publish contents from

import openoffice

You can edit offline contents in and import the document onto your website.


Multi-language support


The website supports multi-language interface and editing in multi-languages.




You can upload multiple files at once.


Video publishing

video uploading

You can publish video contents.




You can browse multiple images in a gallery view.


Web2.0 features

Web2.0 features

It supports forum, comments, rating, tag clouds, poll and other web2.0 features.


Content search

content search

You can search contents by keywords.