Web development service

web development service

ZerusTech has over 10 years experiences in eZ Publish, CMS and web development. We are the 1st eZ Publish gold partner and the 1st eZ Publish certified company in China.

Every website we developed will be based on a CMS, so that you can update the web contents quickly and easily and don't have to know the technical details. The use of CMS will significantly improve your work efficiency and lower the website maintenance cost.

Our CMS is 100% open source, it's free of charge for you.

As the industry leading company, we have delivered successful web solutions to our clients in China, Hongkong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States and Japan. By serving our clients in media, furniture, retail, sports and finance industries, we also gained solid industry experiences.

Our web development service include web design, system analysis, development, testing, deployment, training, hosting, technical support and etc.

We will fulfill your requirements with our professional service.