Portal website, the best choice for large scale enterprise portal websites

portal website

The portal website solution is suitable for building large scale enterprise portal websites. Comparing with standard website, the portal website usually needs support large volume of contents, flexible page layout, integration of multiple data sources, multi-channels, high content updating frequency and high traffic.

The portal website is derived from the standard website, thus, it inherits all the features from the standard website. Besides, it also supports content publish schedule, time slider preview, flexible page layout, multi-datasources, auto-refresh and advanced cache and etc.

Content publish schedule and time slider preview

content publish schedule

You can publish contents for the future. The system will make the contents visible according to your schedule. You can also preview the contents for the future through the time slider.

The enterprise portal website editorial team need work with large volume of contents every day. By using the content publish schedule and time slider preview function, they can process the contents in batch and it may significantly improve their work efficiency.


Flexible page layout

flexible layout

The port site provides multiple page layouts. You can select according to your needs. Besides, at anytime, new page layouts can be developed and embedded into your website.




On portal website, web page is divided into small pieces of content blocks. You can specify datasources for each content blocks. The datasource can be some contents on your website (e.g, news), a system functionality (e.g, user login panel), an external datasource (e.g, a blog feed) or an external functionality (e.g, google map) and etc.




On the other hand, sometimes, contents need to be exported computer browser, iphone, ipad, android and other devices as well as printing media. This is called multi-channels. With portal website solution, it's easy to export contents to different channels in different format.




The portal website usually requires high content updating frequency. The auto-refresh functionality may refresh contents in content blocks periodically to make sure the web users always get the latest contents.


Advanced cache

advanced cache

The portal website usually requires a very high traffic. The advanced cache solution may significantly lower the system load and may ensure the accessibility of your website.